Saturday, December 31, 2005

Darling Oei

I was intending to get a personalised CD for my goddaughter, Tabitha. You know, the kind with names incorporated into the lyrics. However, when her mummy knew of that, she uttered, "but she knows herself as Darling Oei cos that's what all of us call her."

Thus I've learnt that parents do not need to name their children till school going age because that's when they need to have their names on the register. Before that they will be "darling", "honey", "girl girl", "sweetie pie" etc.

Here's Darling Oei - the cutest thing on earth.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Designer designer!

"Wah! Very nice! I like the chander-ling light! Very designer designer!"

I was sure I made my beloved interior design consultant cum project manager cum marketing mananger cum business developer cum PR manager husband-to-be cringe in disgust when I mentioned the toxic "designer" word. Other sure ways to traumatise him is to tell him that his designs are "arty farty", "zen" or "has a spa/resort feel".

Seriously, I'm really in love with the lamps that we have chosen although we blew our budget because of our EXQUISITE taste. Did I mention that Daniel envisage our Sengkang HDB flat as a playboy mansion. Hence do not be alarmed if he answers the door draped in his black "DP" monogrammed silk bathrobe, wearing a 24k yellow gold medallion around his neck with yours truly in his arm, clad in nothing less that ideal cut diamonds (a la Beyonce on the cover of her solo debut "Dangerously in Love"), only.

Here's the space for some pictures but due to my cheapo-ness, I still cannot bring myself to get a digital camera nor a camera phone (yah, I am that cheapo; I have never paid a single cent for my mobile device) hence I am not able to post pictures of our gorgeous chander-ling light, arty farty wine glass lamps and funky retro orange sphere lamp. Hopefully, I can borrow someone else's camera soon or bring myself to get a new camera phone so I can post some pictures.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Like a Virgin...

This is my virgin post. Decided to join the cult of writing public diaries so as not to lose touch with writing. Or is it typing?

Pardon the corny "". I was framed; tried "felicia" and "flee" but they were rejected, had to resort to funky options like "feelicia", "furlicia", "felicious" and finally "furlicious". So here you go, uber-cool name like "".